Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m a crazy dog mama that’s always on the hunt for my next project. I’ve got a “can do” (probably too much so) attitude when it comes to anything DIY, and design and decorating are among my favorite things. I married my best friend (Keith) last year and soon after did the wildest thing we could think of; we bought and moved into a ’98 fifth wheel with plans to renovate as we go! We’re obviously a couple of crazies, living in a tiny construction zone is our kinda happily ever after. We’ve got big plans and a loooong to do list to go with, (we don’t even have a tow vehicle!) but we’ll get there one day. Our sweet baby is Piper, and he’s adjusted quite well to tiny living as his biggest concern is trying to decide who’s lap to sit in. 😜 Read about our heartbreak that motivated me to start this blog here.

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