Ever since I took down our christmas tree wall hanging I’ve felt like the the wall looked really bare. The blank space was refreshing after all the holiday clutter, but after a while I was itching to put something up. I’ve been eyeing acrylic floating frames for a long time, they are SO pretty and modern and there are million tutorials for making your own on the cheap. I wanted something a little bit different though since the gold hardware isn’t really my style and also I’m a little obsessed with wood 😅. I scratched my head for a while trying to figure out how to make mounting hardware out of wood when I stumbled onto this tutorial for a no drill method- freaking brilliant! I did things a little bit differently since I only used one sheet of acrylic and wanted the frame mounted off of the wall, but I used the same incredible glue- Sugru! Sugru is a moldable glue that is SO FREAKING COOL- you can fix so many different things with it or do something like we’re doing and use it to hang things on the wall. I’ve been eyeing it at Target for a while now and am so happy I found a good use for it. Here’s how to make your own acrylic & wood frame-

For this project you’ll need-

  • A sheet of plexi in whatever size you like
  • Artwork a couple inches smaller than your plexi
  • A small wood dowel
  • Sugru glue in white (I promise I’m not getting paid for this, I just really love it!)
  • Coconut oil
  • A saw to cut the dowels

Step one- Use a saw to cut your dowels down to size. I eyeballed the initial cut and then marked the cut line on my miter saw so that the dowels were all pretty close to the same size. You need 8 cuts total but I cut a few extra so that I could choose the most accurate cuts.

Step two- Oil up your mini dowels! Only 4 of your 8 dowels will be visible from the top and we want that grain to shine! Whenever I do a project with an end grain wood I like to apply some oil to help bring out the look of the grain. It’s amazing what a difference it makes, I think it’s so beautiful! I’ve used olive and coconut oil in the past and they both work well but I’ve read some things about olive oil going rancid, so you do you! Make sure to only oil the tops of four of the eight dowels, I accidentally oiled a dowel I was intending to use the glue on and it didn’t hold up as well as the raw ones.

Step three- Sugru time! It’s super easy to use and kindof reminds me of play-doh, so fun! Once you remove it from the package just roll it up with your clean hands & play with it for a minute to help warm it up. Then make a little ball (don’t worry about using too much, we can scrape the excess later) and smash it onto the back of your display dowels (ones with oiled tops). Use your art print to figure out where you want your dowels to go and get to sticking!

Step 4- Once your display dowels are in place you can turn that sucker over and repeat on the other side. It’s alot easier now since you know exactly where the dowels are going, try and line them up the best you can! Now’s a good time to go in and clean up and overflow with an exacto blade as well.

Step 5- Pop in your artwork and get to hanging! To attach my print I used some clear mounting tape and attached it at the corners. It’s definitely visible but not super noticeable at all. To hang I repeated the above steps again and applied pressure for a few seconds as I attached it to the wall. I can’ believe how well it’s held up! I realized after hanging that I should’ve gone a size bigger so I hung one of my wood planters above it (using sugru!) & it looks great!

I still may size up after a while but that cute lil piggy face is making me SO happy right now and that planter is making me wish I had a sconce right there! 😜

I hope you liked this easy twist on a modern floating frame & be sure to show me if you make one of your own!

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