DIY Gift Idea- Infused Olive Oil

Every year I love to make gifts for our friends and family. There is nothing more satisfying to me than spending time working on a heartfelt gift for someone I love, it is so fun! Over the years I found that it’s a whole lot easier if I pick one think to make for everyone on my list so that I can craft in bulk. It’s also really nice to include Keith in the process somehow, which is tricky because we have very different talents. This year we decide on infused olive oil using herbs and peppers from our garden! We had alot of fun working in our garden this year and felt like this was a perfect gift from the both of us. I get way too into the design of things and Keith is a culinary whiz, so this is truly a joint gift! This was a super simple project that’s very affordable but I really think it’s going to make a big impact.(relatives- stop reading now!) If you’d like to whip up some of your own keep reading and be sure to download the labels I made at the bottom of the post!

To make your own infused olive oils you’ll need-

  • Glass bottles – I used these, but if you’re in a time crunch you can totally use something like this (I did for my DIY Hostess Gift!) just make sure to tell the recipient to keep the bottle out of direct sunlight
  • Herbs and/or peppers- we used rosemary and a variety of hot peppers from our garden, but store bought works great too!
  • Olive oil- buy this in bulk if you can to save $
  • Full sheet stickers for printing your labels- I used these
  • A funnel

Before we started on this project I read a bunch of articles and scared myself into thinking we were going to kill our loved ones with botulism poisoning- yikes! I learned that the best way to prevent this is to fully dry your ingredients because the harmful bacteria needs moisture to grow. So the first and most important step is to dry out your herbs and peppers! You can do this by hanging your ingredients up and letting them dry naturally or you can dry them out in the oven. I laid our peppers out on a baking sheet and baked them at 200 degrees for like 4 hours. Basically just keep them in there until they’re dry as the amount of time that it takes can really vary!

Once your herbs and peppers are dry it’s time to get stuffing! I did not research an appropriate ratio of rosemary to peppers because I wanted it to look pretty- sorry! I put 3-4 big sprigs in each bottle along with maybe 3-4 peppers depending on their size. After I filled the bottle with my dried goods I used my funnel to fill them with olive oil. It’s important that everything is fully submerged so keep that in mind!

Cap your bottles and it’s time for the fun part- labels! 🎉 I created labels that fit two to a page and have cut lines on them, so all you need to do is print them out on a full sticker sheet and then cut along the guides. I used an exacto knife and a ruler but if you have a paper trimmer that would be much easier!

Once you’ve cut your labels you can peel the backing off and stick them on, then step back and admire your hard work! The earlier you start this project the more time your oil will have to absorb the yummy flavors, so get to work asap! It’s pretty neat that the flavor will develop more over time, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! If you’d like to use my labels you can download them below, I made one that says “homemade with love,” and the other says “homegrown with love.”

Download- Homemade with love

Download- Homegrown with love

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple gift idea and if you end up using the labels I would love to see!



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