These cutie pie planters were born out of another project fail and an excess of Target dip bowls 😋 I had an abundance of wooden bowls laying around from another project and had a lightbulb moment when I realized I could stack them to use as mini planters. And what’s even better than teeny wood planters? Teeny wood and marble planters of course!  I think these would make an excellent last minute gift but I FEEL YA if you can’t bear to part with them, because I can’t either! To make these easy peasy planters you’ll need-

– Small wood bowl

– Small marble bowl

– Drill + drill bit made for drilling into stone

– Clear coat spray

– Epoxy or epoxy putty

– Plants for filling!

When you’re choosing your plants make sure to get ones that are already in a small container, you don’t want to kill your plant by forcing it to go tiny! Airplants work perfectly with this set up, you can even skip the drainage hole! Drilling into marble sounds terrifying but it is soooo easy with the right bit- I was so afraid of cracking my bowl so I filled it with water to keep the bit cool and it worked perfectly. Just hold your drill steady and go slowly, you’ll be fine!

Once you’ve got a nice hole through your marble you can use it as a guide while you drill into your wood bowl. If you’re putting real plants into your bowls you’ve gotta make sure you’re able to water them! I used a clear sealant spray on the inside of my wooden bowls to help protect them from the water. I also planted a less thirsty plant to cut down on the amount of water these babies will be exposed to, but I definitely think this step is going to help them live long and healthy lives! 😉

Once your bowls are dry to the touch it’s time to glue them together. I used liquid nails but I wasn’t super happy with the bond, I have since touched them up with epoxy and recommend you use epoxy from the get go! After that you’re done! All that’s left is popping in your plant and deciding whether or not you can part with your new favorite creation!


I ended up making another one using two wood bowls and I don’t know which one I love more! These planters are so simple & inexpensive to make but SO CUTE, perfect for last minute gifting!

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