Like nearly every other human in the universe, I am obsessed with letterboards. They’re so fun to switch up and are a freaking brilliant way to infuse personality into a tiny (or any!) space. So when the idea of a PILLOWBOARD popped into my head, I knew I had to find a way make it happen. After a little bit of trial and error I finally came up with something that worked and I’m so happy with it! I’ve had so much fun coming up with silly phrases for it and love the little bit of sassiness it add to our space.

To make your own you’ll need-

  • Pillow form
  • Fabric (denim and canvas) for front and back (the quantity will depend on the size of your pillow)
  • Vinyl (1/2 yard gave me more than enough for 2 pillows + some extra)
  • Lightbox letters
  • Sewing machine & notions
  • Painter’s tape (we’re using tape instead of pins to prevent extra holes in the vinyl)
  • Ruler
  • Exacto blade

Step one-  We’re going to make this pillow using the easiest method ever- the envelope method! If you haven’t made one before you can learn how to here! Don’t assemble your pillow yet, just cut the pieces out and hem the edge on your back pieces. You can also go ahead and cut out your vinyl- I am so not a math person so instead of measuring I just laid out a bunch of letters across and down until I was happy with the size and spacing.

Step two- Lay your vinyl + letters on the front piece of your pillow and use painters tape to “mark” a horizontal line just underneath each letter. I drew arrows on the tape so I didn’t accidentally sew the wrong side! Once you’re happy with your tape guides you can use your sewing machine to sew right along the tape edge. Make sure to back stitch a couple times at the edges!

Step three- Use your ruler and exacto knife to cut the vinyl just under each row of stitching to keep your letters from falling out. As long as you don’t apply too much pressure you shouldn’t have to worry about cutting the fabric underneath, but be careful just in case!

Step four- Use the tape like you did in Step 2 to mark the vertical lines around your letters before sewing them closed. Once you have all of your lil pockets sewn you can trim the edges with your exacto blade, the vinyl moves a bit so this really helps give the pillow a finished look!

Step five- I was afraid my pillow would end up looking too plain so I added some denim fringe and I think it is so cute! It’s really easy to make- If you look closely at the denim you can see how the white and blue fibers are woven together. Use your seam ripper to pull out the blue threads; it takes a little it of time but soon enough you’ll be left with a cute little fringe made up of the white threads.

Step six- Time to assemble your pillow! Start with your front piece face up and place your cute fringe along the edges. Top with your overlapping back pieces (face down) and sew around the edges. Flip right side out and shove your pillow in, you’re done! Now you can start brainstorming funny phrases for your pillow, it’s so fun!!

This little pillowboard is so simple to make and makes such a big impact, I am so happy this idea ended up working out! I had such a great time trying to come up with cheesy sayings for these photos (thanks Caitlin!) and have lots of ideas for using it for future holidays. I hope you enjoyed this fun project as much as I did, now give me all your sassy pillowboard ideas!! 😏

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